The Tommy Thomason Award

The Tommy Thomason Award was established by the Greenville County Bar Association in 1993 to honor a Greenville lawyer whom best exemplifies the wonderful qualities of Tommy Thomason:

  • compassionate and sensitive to all people regardless of their station in life;
  • friendly, unassuming, humble with a warm, genuine and abiding faith in all people;
  • strong personal values, optimism and faith;
  • positive diplomacy that works to minimize conflict and resolve disputes in the least hostile manner;
  • unshakable integrity, coupled with an instinct for fairness;
  • dedicated to community interest, public service and improvement of the community;
  • loves the practice of law and pursues the practice as a service to people;
  • dedicated to the improvement of the legal system and justice for all people;
  • widely respected and admired by peers for personal and professional achievement.

The Selection Committee is chaired this year by our immediate past president of the Greenville County Bar. The Past President is joined on the committee by the three most recent recipients of the award and three attorneys appointed by the Greenville County Bar Association. There is no mandatory requirement that a recipient be selected each year.

The following attorneys have been recipients of the Tommy Thomason Award:

  • Leo Hill
  • David Freeman
  • John Johnston
  • Merl Code
  • David Merline
  • David Quattlebaum III
  • James C. Parham, Jr.
  • Knox L. Haynesworth, Jr. - 2003
  • Stephen J. Henry - 2004
  • Preston Reid - 2005
  • Tom Bruce - 2006
  • Dewey Oxner - 2007
  • Jack Griffeth - 2008
  • Thomas W. Traxler - 2009
  • Anne S. Ellefson 2010
  • James "Chip" Price III 2011
  • Arthur L. Howson, Jr.- 2012


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